An air compressor is a high-tech piece of machinery, which means that it needs special care to work correctly. Without preventive maintenance, the equipment will break down, leading to production delays that cost companies money.

Performing routine air compressor service on a checklist ensures that the machine works properly, increases productivity and saves energy bills. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should invest in this critical piece of machinery.

Reduced Downtime

Performing routine air compressor maintenance on a regular basis keeps systems running smoothly. It also prevents mechanical problems from developing that could require costly repairs or a shutdown of the entire machine.

Unplanned downtime is very expensive, especially when it results in lost production and overtime pay. A proactive maintenance strategy can reduce these expenses by as much as 70%.

While the actual financial costs of unexpected downtime vary for every manufacturing business, an hour of downtime can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Preventive maintenance measures tend to take less time than a repair job or equipment replacement, and can be scheduled according to your company’s production schedule.

Increased Productivity

Air compressors can generate a great deal of heat and noise. When they’re not well-maintained, this can lead to a poor and unpleasant work environment that contributes to safety hazards and productivity issues. But with regular servicing, your machines will run properly and create a safe and healthy working atmosphere for you and your team.

The frequency of servicing also gives your technicians the opportunity to identify any mechanical issues and address them before they cause further damage to the machine or its peripherals. This will also help you avoid costly repairs and system downtime.

Reduced Energy Bills

Air compressors are vital pieces of equipment that bring production to a halt if they fail. They need to be properly maintained to ensure optimal performance and avoid costly breakdowns that can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity, spoiled product, and labour costs for overtime pay.

A well-maintained air compressor system will also run more efficiently, reducing energy bills. In fact, it has been found that a proactive maintenance strategy can reduce the overall maintenance bill by as much as 70%.

Increased Life Expectancy

When a compressed air system doesn’t receive proper maintenance, it can experience problems that threaten your workplace safety. Unresolved issues can cause heat and noise that can distract employees and lead to accidents and injuries. A well-maintained compressor, on the other hand, will work more efficiently and generate less heat.

Another major benefit of tracking your air compressor’s maintenance needs is avoiding long periods of downtime. Planned maintenance measures tend to take much less time than a major repair or equipment replacement, and you can even choose to schedule them at a convenient time so they don’t interfere with your production schedule.