Getting ready for a party is a chance to take care for your face, body, nails and hair in your own home spa. You can find it is a very pleasant time.

How to prepare for a party or special occasion

Doing everything at the last moment could stress you and there is always the risk of not being completely satisfied, without having more time to fix it!

The outfit of the evening

One of the key things to prepare for a party and to decide well in advance is our outfit for the evening. It is important to first decide what to wear both if you want to make targeted purchases and if you intend to use garments already in our wardrobe.

party outfit

Why decide on the outfit in advance? How many times has it happened to you half an hour before you go out to open that wardrobe and panic because even that dress you have worn a thousand times at that moment you don’t like anymore? Or does the combination that has always driven you crazy seem sad and old to you? How does it usually end up in these situations? That you put the first thing that happens to you because time is running out and you are running late… and obviously you are not satisfied with yourself and your appearance. Here… on a special occasion all this must be avoided!

A few days before, let’s take the right time to choose what to wear for the evening: let’s try the combinations, change the accessories and decide what we like and makes us feel better. Planning and choosing every detail will allow us to prepare for the evening of the event with absolute tranquility, we will just have to think about relaxing, making ourselves beautiful and enjoying the evening!

Deciding in advance is also important to make sure that the garments are perfectly tidy and to make last-minute purchases : a shirt to wash or iron, a shirt to take to the laundry or new socks to buy will not be a problem if you have the right time.

Beauty treatments to prepare for an important party or event: what to do first?

Given that last minute miracles do not exist and to have beautiful and healthy skin it is important to take care of them constantly, it is still useful and pleasant to do a shock treatment to prepare for a party or an important occasion!

There are some things that it is preferable to do a few days before the important date… let’s see them together.

Facial cleansing, peeling and purifying masks

My advice is to schedule this kind of treatments at least 3 or 4 days before the event. The skin can become stressed and it only takes one small wrong step to make it irritate or redden. If the treatment involves a complete facial cleansing with wringing out blackheads, it should also be done 6-7 days before. It is important to give the skin a few days to fully regenerate.

Hair removal

It is also important to think about hair removal in advance, especially if you wax… at least 3/4 days in advance to give the skin time to regenerate and reduce redness.

Other hair removal methods like the razor blade are fine the day before or the day itself.

And of course, while doing it, you have to think about preparing your hair and the hair style for the party

Mani Pedi

We have included them among the things to do in advance as a matter of comfort… but the important thing is to have well-kept hands and feet. We advise you not to think about it at the last minute… you would risk not having time to let the nail polish dry well and ruin it right on the verge of getting ready and going out!


Don’t forget to fix the eyebrows with tweezers, the night before or the morning itself if the event is in the evening. We advise you not to do it immediately before starting to wear make-up because also in this case there are frequent redness, even if temporary we would say that they are unwelcome before an important occasion!

Getting ready for a party: what to do the same day

body scrub

Our important date has arrived, so how do we best prepare ourselves? The first thing to do is to take the right time. A few hours to dedicate to ourselves is ideal not only to make us beautiful on the outside but also to recharge and enjoy the evening with the right mood and attitude.

So take an hour or two, lock yourself in the bathroom, even better if with a scented candle and the music you love in the background and start a small homemade SPA: hot shower or bath, skincare, hair, makeup and wigs.

Body and Hair

In the shower do a Body Scrub. Very delicate, it is a real cuddle: it leaves the skin very fragrant and very soft, plus it gently cleanses. We always reserve it for those moments when we want “something special”. An exfoliating treatment with black soap is also a great choice.

In general, we recommend that you use products that you know well, with fragrances that you like and that help you relax and feel a little queen!

Before an important event always tend to use hair products that ensure the best performance and always make a mask after shampoo. After the shower keep it on at least 30 minutes, while we wait for the shutter speed dedicate yourself to skincare and put the body cream, then rinse and dry my hair.

Face and skin care

We have already done a face cleansing and a good purifying mask a few days ago… on the day of the event it is instead useful to make a mask that gives firmness and vitality to the skin. Green light to the fabric masks, combined perhaps eye patches lift anti or decongestants.