It is important to take care of your hair, it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser, you can also do it at home alone. Home beauty tricks are perfect for the mood and good looking. Let’s find out how.

Hair Care Tricks To Do By Yourself

It is important to take care of the hair, because frequent washing, dyes and styling products can damage and weaken the hair.

Hair must be cared for and treated with a simple and targeted beauty routine based on your hair, so you can’t generalize. Often work, family, different commitments or staying at home without being able to go out, does not allow us to pamper our hair as it should. Let’s find out how to take care of your hair at home quickly and easily.

The hair like the rest of the body, needs a precise beauty routine, otherwise the hair will be damaged. In fact, for several reasons the hair can weaken, here are which:

treatments such as: dyes, bleaches and perms; drying techniques: with plates and hairdryer or curling iron use of aggressive products such as: shampoo, conditioner or products to define the stylist. All this can damage the hair, not only washing it frequently is also detrimental to the hair, which over time will be not very bright, brittle and with split ends.

Shampoo properly

The shampoo is the first step for hair care and health, first of all, it must be reiterated that the hair must be washed every 3/4 days, because frequent washing damages the hair. Except for women who play sports or live in a city, then smog easily dirties them.

It is preferable between one shampoo and another, to use the dry one, which gives volume to the hair, strengthens it and perfect when you have little time to shampoo.

The shampoo at home must be done with a shampoo that does not contain silicones and sulfates, also pay attention to the surfactants, which are responsible for creating the foam. Unfortunately in excessive quantities, it damages the scalp in the long run.

When shampooing, pay attention to the temperature of the water, as it must not be too hot otherwise it will damage the hair. In fact, many hairstylists recommend washing the hair with warm water at the temperature during washing, while cold water is recommended for the final rinse, in order to close the cuticles, so the hair will be brighter.

hair drying

Conditioner: to detangle the hair

The hair is not always manageable, especially curly and wavy, because they are more prone to the formation of knots, so they must be treated with masks and detangling conditioners. After shampooing, the conditioner must always be applied, as it softens and stretches the hair, especially those tending to frizz.

What is the secret? The secret is to apply it in the correct way, because otherwise it weighs down the hair, making it very dirty. That’s how:

  • rinse the hair thoroughly, removing any residual shampoo;
  • apply a little conditioner: on the length and on the ends;
  • leave to act for 5 minutes;
  • untie the knots with your fingers: just divide the hair into sections;
  • comb your hair: use a wide-toothed comb, start at the ends, then work your way up;
  • rinse your hair well with cold water: in this way the scales close and stay hydrated;
  • wrap your hair in a microfiber towel.

For women who have very curly hair, therefore with more knots, they can add a little more conditioner or coconut oil.

Treat your hair with the mask

The hair must be treated in depth it is advisable to do a restructuring mask once a week or even a pack before shampooing, so as to give vitality and brightness to the hair. The advice is to always use natural products.

The mask should be applied over the entire hair, starting from the root, up to the tips, you can facilitate the operation with the wide-toothed comb. The important thing is to leave it on for about 10 minutes, then you can proceed with the shampoo according to the instructions mentioned above

Dry your hair without damaging it

As already stressed, not only aggressive products are harmful to the hair, but also drying at high temperatures or using plates or hairdryers can ruin the hair.

When drying your hair with a hairdryer, in order not to damage the hair, you must follow these steps:

  • dry curly wavy hair: it is advisable to always do it upside down, insert the diffuser, the temperature must always be medium, in this way you protect the hair and do not damage it. The advice is to take the locks with your fingers and dry them;
  • dry straight hair : place the narrow nozzle, in front of the hair dryer, so as to direct the jet on the affected strand. The advice is to always direct the hairdryer downwards.

Before drying, make sure the hair is not too dry, the hair should be towel- dried with a microfiber towel, but you must not tighten it too much, otherwise it will break. The hair dryer must be positioned at a distance of 15 centimeters, so as to protect the hair from heat. You can set the temperature a bit higher at first, and then lower it gradually, in this way, you avoid the hair from drying out and losing shine. Remember that high temperatures are responsible for split ends.

The same goes for straighteners and curling irons, it is preferable to limit their use to define the styling, it is true that they are allies for perfect styling.

It is advisable to apply a heat protection product to the entire hair that protects the hair that is exposed to high temperatures. This product prevents the hair from getting burned or damaged. But if you want to have nourished, voluminous hair without split ends, you must avoid frequent use of these products. With the passage of time, they weigh down and dirty the hair first.