Take A Break

Taking time to recharge is one of the most important things you can do to manage stress. Studies show that breaks help you focus and boost productivity. Schedule (registration required) regular break times into your day – whether every 90 minutes as recommended by the Pomodoro technique, or more regularly throughout the workday.

During your breaks, move your body. Stretching is good, but even a quick walk outside is better than sitting or being sedentary all day. And fully detaching from work is better than semi-detaching — turn off the radio or TV during your break, and try not to think about work.

Talk To A Friend

One of the biggest causes of stress is feeling isolated. Staying in touch with friends and family members can make a huge difference. This is especially important for parents, who may have children to care for as well as work and other responsibilities to manage at home.

If you’re struggling at work, it’s okay to talk about it with someone. Most managers would rather employees come to them with concerns than let them fester until they become sick or cause problems with productivity.

Do Something You Enjoy

Developing a strong support system and taking time to connect with friends outside of work can make handling workplace stress easier. If a negative attitude or habit is adding to your stress, like getting stressed out about traffic on the way to work, think about how you can change the situation. For example, instead of getting upset about being late, leave home earlier so you can beat the morning traffic.