Did you know you can get two types of screen glasses these days? You can now get sunglasses with blue light lenses or just normal blue light blocking glasses with clear lenses. Sunglasses are oftentimes one of the first eyewear accessory that people consider buying for themselves, and there is an obvious reason: they are stylish! Sunglasses with blue light lenses have been emerging on the fashion scene lately, and there were a few brands that caught our eye. Read on to learn more about this new type of eyewear.


All About Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been the iconic standard for stylish eyewear up until now. You can wear them anywhere, at any time, at any age and even when indoors! A pair of sunglasses can be one of the most important parts of any summer outfit, and for good reason. They can both shield and draw attention to the eyes and face, and most importantly, they feel empowering to wear. Sunglasses quality is important if you are going to be wearing your new sunglasses all day long. You may want to look at all the various brands and options available on the market before settling on a pair that you can afford and look good in. Have a look online and use an online try-on tool where ever possible to get an idea of how they look.

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What About Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses are special clear lenses that have a blue light filtering barrier in the lens. Usually, you cannot even tell they have this filter, apart from a very slight yellowish tint that is apparent to the wear. These glasses are specifically designed to block out the high energy blue light that comes from screens, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Most people are subjected to around 3-4 hours of screen time a day, and even more, if they work in front of a computer all day. These glasses have been reported to reduce headaches, eye fatigue, and even improve sleep.

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What If I Wear Prescription Glasses

The great thing about these glasses is you can buy blue light lenses that have progressive and bifocal lenses, meaning you can have your own prescription. If you have farsighted vision, you will find that progressive lenses are best for improving your vision. These types of blue lenses block out all of the light that comes through your eyewear, while still allowing the peripheral vision that comes from using your glasses to see. Bifocal lenses are the same as progressive lenses, but they allow you to see near and far, and they can also come with blue light filtering lenses.


Improve Sleep – Block The Blue

Most people have trouble sleeping because of their lack of proper sleep and blue light exposure during the day. If you find that you have trouble sleeping because of light exposure either at night or while you are working or studying, you may want to consider wearing light blue glasses. The anti-glare coating helps to keep the blue light from affecting your eyes, while providing you with a good source of relief from this high energy light. A pair of light blue glasses that work well with your circadian rhythm will help to regulate your sleeping and waking cycles.



The best group of people that would benefit from light blue glasses are people who work 9 to 5 office jobs with a lot of screen time. These glasses can help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with these conditions. Even people who work in areas with a lot of fluorescent light have reported less headaches and general better wellbeing. Also, if you are on your phone a lot at night (like we are) then you should definitely consider these glasses.