For a quick and accurate way to test for the presence of the coronavirus, a healthcare worker can take a swab sample from a patient. This sample is usually a long, thin nasopharyngeal swab. This sample is then sent to a lab along with a test kit. The PCR test is processed by trained lab technicians to extract genetic information. This material is then mixed with reagents and analyzed to determine the presence or absence of the virus. Luckily, due to high demand and relatively simple steps of use PCR tests can be easily performed at home and sent to the lab for further analysis.

Ordering A Home PCR London Test Kit

The PCR test now is widely for home delivery and can be done in the comfort of your home. The advantage of at-home COVID testing over a laboratory test is the cost and convenience. You can get a PCR test to take at home only if you pay for it yourself and you want to use it for travelling purposes or if you have developed symptoms and you order it for free from the NHS official website.

The best at-home method is to use a PCR test London kit. After collecting the sample you are only required to send it to a lab for analysis. Once the lab processes the sample, you will receive results. Depending on your circumstances and the test provider you choose, some results might take from 3hrs to 24hrs after receiving the sample at the laboratory.

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What Is PCR Testing?

Coronavirus testing is done by using reverse transcriptase-polymerase (PCR) technology. This method uses specific primers to ensure that the coronavirus DNA is amplified only in samples from patients with an infection. Then, the PCR product is sent to a public health laboratory for analysis.

Despite its availability and the potential of these tests to help prevent the spread of the disease, they have been subject to many challenges. The lack of accurate and reliable results from the tests makes them difficult to use for people with no symptoms. The antigen test is also not very accurate, so it is not useful in people without any symptoms. In order to protect people from this virus, it is vital to use PCR-based technologies that identify the virus.

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The Benefits Of At Home PCR Test London

Although some countries and health care organizations have been pushing for at-home Covid testing, highlighting the benefits of regular at-home testing and corporate testing, the UK government is still hesitant to give it a go at such a scale. Currently, there are no official state programs for the virus, however, you can order a free test from NHS when you start to develop symptoms. This is partly because there are limited supplies of the test kits. The results can be inaccurate because they are not performed by trained specialists. Most at-home tests are delivered within 2 days and have specific instructions on how to perform them in at-home settings.

However, if you require a PCR test London for travel, you need to ensure you allow it enough time to be delivered to your address and at least one day for it to be sent back to the lab. The best way to get your results in time is to plan in advance and ensure you leave a day for the results to be ready, whereas if you are taking the test at the lab you will have your results faster.

In the meantime, you can order an at-home Covid test from various accredited companies. There are some advantages of at-home Covid testing, and you can save money while doing so. Unlike medical tests, at-home kits require the patient to collect a sample at home and send it to a lab. The results of these tests are usually available within 24 to 28 hours. There are no adverse effects of at-home COVID testing. You can also save money by ordering your own home PCR test in London and save yourself a journey to the testing facility.

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Final Words

If you’ve had an at-home COVID test and it’s found positive, you’ll need to quarantine for fourteen days. If you have been in contact with someone who has the disease, you should isolate yourself for that long. You should also stay away from other people who have the virus, as it can spread through a household. A quarantine period will help you prevent serious complications and ensure a faster recovery.