Social media marketing for beauty businesses has become an essential element of digital strategy, from featuring products on Instagram to building an engaged community on TikTok to selling directly to consumers using features like catalogues or shoppable pins.

However, some research indicates that social media may contribute to unrealistic body standards. This is particularly the case for beauty apps which feature filters and photo editing tools as well as plastic surgery try out apps.

But since these apps focus on imagery and visual content, they are perfect for any beauty start-up or influencer.


Instagram is a photo and video social networking app with immense popularity among smartphone users due to its simple filters that instantly enhance smartphone photos with minimal effort required for editing. Influencers and e-commerce businesses use Instagram heavily as well.

Instagram allows users to upload new or share existing images and videos, edit posts using features such as filtering, tagging people, adding captions, and geotagging locations, as well as create and manage carousels containing multiple images that viewers can swipe or click through.

In 2021, Instagram debuted Instagram Video as an in-feed video format up to 60 minutes long, similar to regular photos, where users could add filters, tag friends, geotag their location, and write a description for it.

Instagram provides a Search function, which allows users to locate specific users or topics. Instagram Explore provides a feed of pictures and videos it believes may interest you; additionally, a magnifying glass icon in the bottom bar opens a search tool, which you can use to locate people or hashtags. Moreover, users can connect their Instagram account with other social networks and cross-post content using this platform.


Pinterest is one of the world’s most beloved social media platforms, used by over 440 million people worldwide to gather inspiration and gain ideas. Users can curate visuals through Pins across idea boards as well as share their own content; people can find all they need, from recipes to fashion to home d├ęcor projects, on this platform.

The platform works similar to a search engine: you simply enter your keyword and get images back as results. Users can then save these images to their home feeds or separate boards organised around a certain topic. Pins may consist of one image, multiple images (carousel pins), or even videos; these pins may be seen and interacted with by followers and non-followers alike.

When creating pins for beauty products or services, it is vital to include all relevant details and keywords in their descriptions. This will allow potential customers to easily locate your content, increasing its likelihood of getting clicked upon. For instance, pins with details that include the product name and price will receive more clicks than pins without this information.

Use high-quality and attractive imagery, as this will stand out on Pinterest. Additionally, make sure your photos have the ideal aspect ratio; vertical images work best.