San Francisco to the Grand Canyon – Road Trip – Travels With Geordie #115

San Francisco to the Grand Canyon – Road Trip – Travels With Geordie #115

This week my daughter and I carry on with our cross America, Land Rover Road trip. From San Francisco, down through Big Sur to Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas and on to the Grand Canyon.

Please excuse all the wind noise in these episodes. Southern California was very windy. a new microphone is coming soon.

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10 Replies to “San Francisco to the Grand Canyon – Road Trip – Travels With Geordie #115”

  1. having two daughters….i am especially enjoying your friendship and traveling time together! well done! Blessings!

  2. what a spectacular journey you shared with your daughter. I’m sure it’s one she will never forget. thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. I thought: geezus Pete, not another boring road trip! I’ve watched so many and didn’t think you could do better. I have been glued to the screen for every one so far and look forward to the next! Maybe it’s the Landy, the scenery, or just the company! Whatever, keep ’em up! Thanks!

  4. Great fun! What a trip of a lifetime. Yea as someone from the midwest and southwest. It is strange with so much rain up in PNW and rarely any thunderstorms.

  5. Wow, another really great video. You and Kate are so ridiculously charismatic, I could watch you all day. I was also impressed with your style of travel. I’ve seen folks who go and see most of the famous sites and I’ve seen folks who travel slowly, stopping often to take photos of nature – but you do both and that’s unusual in my experience.

  6. Cate sees to have lost her punch anyone out right arm brace, maybe thats a good thing?
    I did SF to Seattle and back in 76 just after the war in a rented Buick , what I remember most are 1000 bridges and slightly aggressive Police until they check you out
    still, looks like a lot of fun, nice daughter you have there
    keep smiling

  7. Back in the day, we hung a burlap bag full of water to cool the air going into the radiator. Old school still works.