Raiding Area 51? Vegan Las Vegas!

Raiding Area 51? Vegan Las Vegas!

Well, we actually DO NOT suggest raiding Area 51, but we DO recommend eating yummy food in Vegan Las Vegas! Join us on our trip to the west of the US as we respond to the veggiemergency, “Can you be vegan in Vegas?”

***No vegan aliens were hurt in the making of this vlog***

#Area51 #VeganLasVegas #Veggiemergency

If you’re here, maybe you have trouble incorporating plant-based foods into your diet. Maybe you don’t know what a fruit is. In that case, you have a veggiemergency! Let me help you resuscitate your diet! Welcome my YouTube channel Vegan 911, where we talk about all things vegan! Enjoy ^_^


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