Night & Nature Trip in Las Vegas (NV & AZ, USA) | PATGAT

Night & Nature Trip in Las Vegas (NV & AZ, USA) | PATGAT

The last installment of my Spring trip in the US ~ Las Vegas!!!

Spent a really quick weekend trip in Nevada & Arizona. Did a roadtrip from LA to Las Vegas to Grand Canyon to Sedona! This trip was filled with night lights, night life and nature trip. I super enjoyed this trip even if I wasn’t able to maximize the night life (LOL!) and the trekking/hiking.

For sure, I’ll be back here. Hope you enjoy this video and hope you watch all the US videos as well:

LA Foodtrip ~
LA ~

Til my next travel! xo



Hey hey hey! My name is Patricia Gatus aka PATGAT, a sports and travel enthusiast living in Metro Manila.

I’m a Theresian & Thomasian alumnus. I’m a Registered Medical Technologist by profession but I currently work for ABS-CBN as a Marketing Specialist.

I used to be a basketball varsity player in St. Theresa’s College and University of Santo Tomas (team B). Currently, I do part-time basketball coaching for the Tigers Basketball Camp/League.

I try to travel and get away from the city as often as I could. I do other sports and fitness activities aside from basketball. Join me in my travels and athletic ventures as well as my day-to-day shenanigans! XO


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