Las Vegas Goodwill BINS Haul | Exclusively Ego

Las Vegas Goodwill BINS Haul | Exclusively Ego

Hi friends!

First of all, excuse the SIA inspired chopped head as the frame. Apparently I know nothing about YouTube and can’t manage to place myself in a proper frame for the shot.

Regardless, this was a good haul that I think is worth sharing, so face or no face, I’m going to share it. Plus, it was too long to reshoot, so here we are!

This haul is from a recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada with my husband. We were there celebrating our anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than with a little bit of thrifting. AMIRITE?

There are a few things that differentiate the Las Vegas bins from the Phoenix location, so check out my recent blog to read all about them:

As always, if there’s anything you’re interested in, check out my Poshmark closet where you’ll find all these pieces and so much more:

Thanks for watching!


2 Replies to “Las Vegas Goodwill BINS Haul | Exclusively Ego”

  1. FYI, Marciano is there own line. Pretty pricey. Lots of store on the strip. Guess used to collaborate with them. Loved the haul! Especially the shoes, which are my favorite to shop and sell👍