Full Flight: Spirit Airlines A320 Las Vegas to Pittsburgh (LAS-PIT)

Full Flight: Spirit Airlines A320 Las Vegas to Pittsburgh (LAS-PIT)

Hey guys! Welcome to my last leg of this trip to the West aboard a Spirit Airlines A320 from Las Vegas, Nevada to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! This flight is a red-eye flight which means it goes on during the middle of the night into early morning. I think I make my point quite clear in the video that these red-eyes on Spirit absolutely SUCK. I’ve done 2 now and they were both the same. I can tolerate around 2 hours on Spirit during the daytime or even 5 hours cross-country because of excellent scenery and a stunning sunrise, but if you have nothing but black outside, a dark cabin, no legroom, no free snacks, very cramped quarters, a tray table meant for babies, etc. it’s pretty awful. Again, the only way people choose this flight is for the price (it cost $50). But, if you can or are willing to spend a little more, choose another airline if you must do red eyes. Hope you guys enjoy! 😀

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Takeoff: McCarran International Airport
Landing: Pittsburgh International Airport
Filmed: March 2019

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6 Replies to “Full Flight: Spirit Airlines A320 Las Vegas to Pittsburgh (LAS-PIT)”

  1. Love to see your travels. I just took my first spirit airlines trip about a month ago and uploaded my video.

  2. Great video! How was Las Vegas? It is cool to see how close the airport is to the downtown area.